What to Do For Lost Stolen And Missing USPS Package?

One must always be ready for extreme situations to prevent any massive damage. Lost packages or misplaced packages are one of the biggest concerns of any mail delivery firm. In such cases, the customer must be aware of the steps to be followed to get to the solution.

USPS has many options and steps through which you can get hold of the package quickly. The steps are easy to follow, and one does not have to hassle much to get through these steps.

What is a Missing Mail?

If you want to find a solution to a missing mail, you must know what does that mean. If the mail has not reached you within the stipulated time then it is called as a missing mail. These packages might be considered stolen or lost. If you have not received a package within seven days or more from the date assigned you can do the following-

  • You can go to Find Missing Mail for getting the information.
  • Then, you need to submit a Mail Search request on the site.
  • Next, you need to file a claim.
  • Take help of the local post office for assistance in filling the request.
  • You can also dial the USPS to get the information about the missing package.

Eligibility of items:

Every other lost item shall not be eligible for a search. There are specific categories or types of products that shall be eligible for a search from the Postal service. The items that are not eligible for a search are-

  • Any material that might pose a threat
  • Prescribed drugs
  • Any food or perishables
  • Any form of pistol or firearms
  • Apart from these majority of the other items shall be eligible for a search in case of any misplacement

Mail Search Request:

If you are looking forward to finding your lost package you need to submit a mail search request with USPS. You must go to the site and register there. Simply fill in all the required information and click submit. Once you have done so, you will be receiving a confirmation e-mail from USPS. One can also browse the Search mail History to trace the status of the pending request.

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If you are not ready or willing to submit the request, you can submit the draft as well. The drafts will expire after seven days.

Requirements for a Mail Missing Search Request:

Before you submit the final request for the missing package, one must be aware of the required details or information to be offered. The request must contain-

  • Address of the sender and recipient
  • The date of mailing
  • It is essential to mention the tracking number.
  • Mention the details, such as the size of the container or colour of the container.
  • Mention other details regarding the content such as size, colour, brand, model and other such specifications.

With the help of this information, one can easily identify the contents to facilitate better search.

When to File The Request?

You must be careful of the timing of submitting the request for mail search. After seven days from the original date of mailing, one can easily submit the request.

Also, USPS allows you to submit the request within a window of 365 days.

Though USPS allows a window from 7 to 365 days for filing the request, one must ensure quick submission of the file to start the process as soon as possible.

Once you have filed a request, you will be notified about the status of your package. The page might show you – Accepted or received or mail found or expired or Saved as Draft or rejected or cancelled.

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With such facilities by USPS, one can easily track and get hold of the lost package. However, nothing is guaranteed. If the package has been found, then USPS will rewrap it and send it to you. The package will be sent to that address which has been mentioned on the mail search request form.

An e-mail will also be sent to you as well notifying the receipt of the product. If your package cannot be found, an e-mail will reach you stating “Expired”. It means that the package could not be found after a continuous search by USPS.

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