UPS Sunday Delivery And Hours

The United Parcel Service, or mostly known as UPS, has always provided the best services to every customer. It helps to make their lives easy and convenient. You can take the help of the UPS to solve any of your problems related to the shipments. The United Parcel Service has more than one thousand delivery guys who deliver parcels every day worldwide.

You can get to know the detailed information about your package through the tracking system of UPS. You have to enter the parcel tracking number to check the status, which you can find on the receipt of the mail. Whenever we give any item for delivery to UPS, it at first accepts our item. Then the delivery process starts.

Many people who use UPS services want to know about the UPS Sunday delivery hours. In this article, we will try to give all the necessary information about UPS Sunday deliveries.

Does UPS Deliver on Sunday?

The very common question that comes to everyone’s mind is UPS open on Sunday? will be answered here.

UPS will deliver on any day from Monday to Saturday but not on Sundays. The reason is that there is not much demand for deliveries on Sundays. Working on Sundays is not an option for UPS. UPS has a huge number of employees. It takes a cost to maintain them and pay their wages. So, if there is no demand on Sundays, there is no point in opening the UPS office.

UPS Sunday Delivery:

Unfortunately, UPS does not deliver on Sundays. For any urgent deliveries, you can use the Express Critical Service of the United Parcel Service. It is an exclusive and expensive service that you can use for some time-sensitive deliveries. This service operates within the United States only.

UPS Express Critical Service and Hours:

This is an urgent transportation service of the United Postal Service and is available for all package types. The United Parcel Service has a separate team for this delivery. These officials can assess any critical situation and find a solution to different kinds of issues.

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The team will make sure that the parcel is delivered at the correct time. The United Parcel Service’s critical service has its own customer care service center. Users can call at any time in case of any problem. The experts of the United Parcel Service can also do some extra care of the parcels if needed. They can use temperature-controlled vehicles in case of temperature-sensitive parcels.

There are many other courier services that deliver your parcel at your doorstep but, United Parcel Service tracking is considered one of the best services.

How to use weekend services?

Follow these steps to use the weekend services provided by the United Parcel Service:

  • Always pack the item properly. You can also ask the staff members at UPS to help you with this.
  • Check whether UPS ships parcels to your destination or not.
  • Check that your item is not restricted.
  • Select the appropriate delivery service.
  • Enter the correct details of the parcel.
  • Schedule a pickup point for your parcel.
  • Track your shipment by using the tracking number.

UPS Sunday Hours:

UPS Ground Packages are generally delivered from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 7.00 pm. It is essential to know about the working hours of UPS on Sundays. Every UPS store does remain open on Sunday, and the hours of opening depends on the location.

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UPS provides shipment by air, ground, and chartered plane. You can even choose a service for extra security in case of valuable items. The cost of weekend deliveries by the United Parcel Service depends on the package and the service that you choose. The company charges an additional amount of $16 for each parcel that is delivered on the weekend.

Follow these steps to find which UPS store is open on Sunday.

  • Go to the option of Find locations on the main website of the UPS.
  • Enter the details of your location.
  • Click on the Find button.
  • Choose the icon that is present on the map to find the hours according to your location.

These are all the relevant details that are required for understanding UPS delivery hours on Sunday. You can contact the customer care officials at the UPS or send an email regarding any problem or issue. Their team will get back to you with a solution.


You can see that UPS offers different features and services for our comfort. We must always cooperate with the officials and the staff concerned. You can choose any of them according to the requirements. We hope that now you will not need to ask the question that does UPS work on Sunday. In this article, we have tried to give all the necessary information about the UPS Sunday deliveries.

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