UPS Saturday Delivery & Hours

One of the largest and widely known logistics companies, United Parcel Service, or UPS delivers packages among national and international states. It ranks at the top whenever we talk about any shipping business in the world. Their customers are satisfied not only with their quality-service but also timely delivery of goods. The e-commerce world heavily relies on such shipping carriers to succeed with their business and startups.

The on-going demands of the buyers and their unpredictability of shopping for goods, has truly become a challenge for companies. The company sometimes even faces complications in delivering products on time and parallelly maintaining a loyal relationship with their customers.

Thus, to help these online stores, UPS has recently come up with a new scheme known as Saturday Delivery Service to support the growth of such organizations as well as attract more customers with time.

Does UPS Deliver on Saturday?

Many companies ask the question- “Does UPS work on Saturday?”

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Well, Yes! Now they do. In 2019, UPS mentioned that they deliver packages on Saturdays, but this Saturday Delivery offers only a few of the services for the weekday such as:

  • UPS Next Day Air Early – the delivery reaches to the recipient’s doorstep sharp after the scheduled time of 9 am (on weekdays)
  • UPS Next Day Air – it delivers your packaged goods by noon time or by 1:30 pm (Based on the destination for the delivery).
  • UPS 2nd Day Air – if your item got picked around Thursday, this service delivers your parcel in two days, i.e., by Monday (If not labeled for Saturday).
  • UPS 3 Day Select– offering similar service, ups deliver your package by the end of the third day. (from your pickup date) (Based on the destination for the delivery)
  • UPS Ground– by the end of the scheduled day

And the delivery for all the other kinds of shipments depends on the specified destination for which you can choose these services.

  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus
  • UPS Worldwide Express
  • UPS Worldwide Express Freight

All of these packages are sealed and labeled well before they are ready to be delivered.

UPS Saturday Delivery:

From small to medium business groups, UPS has established its ground in the e-commerce world. For fulfilling the demands and satisfy the customers with the timely delivery of products, UPS has now introduced the plan of delivery on weekdays, where the customer places the order and pays an additional cost and label their shipment for Saturday Delivery.

UPS Saturday Hours:

Following the standard business days (Monday-Friday), the ground packages are delivered anytime between 9 am-7 pm. But for weekdays, it is considerably different as the shipments are picked on Saturday and delivered to the destination by Monday.

However, as earlier mentioned, it highly depends on the type of weekend service you choose.

The UPS Saturday shipping hours are not specified, but you can track your shipping with the following options:

  • Go to the official website of ups,, and sign in with your customer ID.
  • Click on the Locations tab above and fill in the details related to your package.
  • Select the ‘Find’ option and track it on the map. You can click the icon on the same map to know about the timings.

For the delivery hours mentioned as per the site, the UPS Saturday delivery hours are a lot different. The delivery of the packages starts as early as 8 am and continues till 8 pm.

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The schedule of the same-day delivery is listed as:

  • By 7 am, the shipments get unloaded from the cargo and are sorted by the drivers at the conveyor.
  • Then, they load them for the delivery.
  • Starting from 9 am, all Saturday EAMs are delivered.
  • Around 12 am, the UPS Next Day Air packages start to get delivered and are finished by 1:30 pm.
  • Finally, the remaining UPS 2nd Day Air and Ground and UPS 3 Day select packages are delivered by the end of the day.

(The delivery of the remaining packages depends on its destination).

Is UPS Open on Saturday?

Now that you know that UPS delivers packages on Saturdays as well, you must be wondering whether UPS is open on Saturdays or not. To clear your confusion, business stores and other retail outlets of UPS are open on Saturdays for their customers. The clients can visit these stores during the office hours for any queries and can schedule their pickup of goods anytime they want from these areas if they find it easier.

With the commitment to prioritize, the UPS delivers the products on time, or even before. UPS is one of the renowned platforms for the delivery of products to commercial and residential addresses.

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