USPS Tracking Status: How Can You Track Your Package?

USPS tracking status is a feature present on that allows you to track your packages. With the help of this mail tracking system, all packages shipped through the USPS can be tracked. If you wish to track a package, you shall require a tracking number.

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With the help of the number, you will be able to track your package online, successfully. So if you have lost the USPS tracking number, then you need to recover it. It can be done from the registration or through the online website.

What are the USPS Tracking Status and Updates?

All the different USPS tracking statuses that you need to know about are mentioned below. Know them properly for a better understanding of your package.

  • Pre Shipment

Pre-shipment refers to the package information that has been sent to the postal service, but it has not been processed by the USPS yet, so that is why the package system is still in pre-shipment.

  • Accepted

The accepted sign means that the item for mail is sent to the postal service accordingly, and they have your package. This also means that a letter carrier has picked up your item on which your residence number/address is mentioned.

  • Transit

If your mail shows that it is in ‘Transit,’ then it means that your mail is on the way. There are two references which are displayed here. One is ‘In Transit Arrival on time’; this means that your package will reach you within the mentioned time and hour. Another one states, ‘In Transit Late Arrival,’ it means that you will get your package a bit later than the mentioned deadline.

  • Alert

The alert sign states that there is a possible issue. If you wish to know more about the same, you can always contact customer support. They will help you to understand the mention of alert signs on your USPS tracking status. Although there is a catch, if you have not received your package and an Alert status is mentioned, you need to pay attention and get through to the said package’s details.

  • Delivered

This is the status shown on the site when the package has been delivered to you. It means that the box has reached your place, and you have signed upon receiving for confirmation.

  • Status not available

This USPS tracking status can be shown for various reasons. There are reasons for which it can be shown. If you have entered a wrong tracking number or the postal service, have misplaced your items. Also, it shows this status if there are no particular updates available on your package.

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These are the primary USPS tracking status that you need to know. We have stated almost everything so that it can become easier for you to understand. The USPS tracking feature is one of the most crucial ways to know about your package’s update. It helps you to be aware of where your parcel is and the concerning status on the same.


What Is The Meaning Of USPS Tracking Status?

USPS tracking status means knowing where is your package exactly. It helps to track the package where it is in transit or delivered.

Can I track Exactly where my USPS package is?

Yes, You can easily track the exact location of your USPS package by simply using the USPS tracking number. You can check the exact status of your package. Simply take the USPS tracking number which is available at the bottom on shipping label and click on the check status and enter the tracking number. You will find the exact status of your package.

How Long can you Track a USPS Package?

USPS Keep a record of tracking till 120 days. So within 120 days of your order, you can check the tracking status.

What does it mean when USPS Says tracking Status pending?

Tracking status pending means the acceptance of your package is still pending. It simply means that they have scanned the sheet but not the individual products.

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