USPS Tracking Not Updating| USPS Tracking Down

United States Postal Service (USPS) is a renowned delivery service provider. This government agency does all kinds of domestic deliveries in the United States. USPS provides a range of services to make deliveries easy, including live tracking, mail, shipping services and more. 

USPS Tracking Features:

  • It allows you to track the parcels. The tracking number is provided once you place an order.
  • Visit the website for checking the status of your delivery by entering the valid number in the search.

USPS delivery status not updated or USPS tracking is a common problem. Every single package gets a unique tracking ID to check status. There are several issues faced while trying to track a package. The issues include USPS tracking not updating, USPS delivery status not updating, how to track if the number is lost and more. This article will give you solutions and some methods to try if you face these problems.

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What to do if USPS Tracking is not Working?

The USPS tracking information will be displayed when you search with a valid number. If you are not able to find any information, then this will help you out.

  • First, let us understand how the tracking system works.

When you place an order, a barcode is issued to identify the package. The code on package gets scanned everywhere it goes. The number on the box continues updating the tracking ID. So, whenever the barcode gets checked, the tracking information is updated.

  • Now we can figure out some reasons why USPS tracking is not updating.

For some uncertain reason, if the barcode was not scanned, you will not receive updates. The package has to be scanned right from the beginning for you to receive timely updates. During the shipment, if the barcode is not scanned in intermediary stops, then it will not get updated.

  • If your package is stuck somewhere without being moved, the information will not be updated. The reasons could be bad weather, holidays, festive seasons etc.
  • During shipment, if the barcode breaks, then it cannot be scanned. In that case, the tracking information while it is at intermediary stops will not be found.
  • The package can take time to reach the next stop. So, the delivery will get delayed, and tracking information will not be updated timely.

These are the possible reasons why you are not receiving any tracking information.

Learn About How to Obtain a Tracking Number:

The “USPS delivery status not updating” is a common message displayed if your tracking details are not updated yet. This is one of a very common issue. In that case, first, check the number you have entered. If you do not know how to obtain the tracking number after placing an order, then follow these steps.

  1. A receipt will be given to you when you are at the post office for every package. The tracking number will be given on this shipping receipt.
  2. A sales receipt is given in case you buy insurance. The tracking ID is given on this receipt.
  3. Important information will be sent as a mail to the registered email ID from USPS. You can check that confirmation email for the tracking number.
  4. When you miss a delivery from USPS, an orange slip will be issued that will contain a tracking number.
  5. USPS tracking labels will have the number on the bottom peel-off slip.

You can find the correct number through these methods.

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In some cases, even if the tracking ID is right and still the problem continues, then it must be from the carrier’s side. In most cases, the barcode or the package goes without scanning.

Other Possible Reasons For Not Updating:

 During the holiday season and festive times, USPS aims to send out all the packages quickly. There will be many orders and bar codes that may not be processed. The packages will keep moving from intermediary stops to your destination. So, the tracking will not get updated even after the package is delivered.

Due to a large number of orders, the barcode might break too. The package from USPS will reach you despite the tracking information not updating. If it does not reach you within the time informed, then feel free to contact their customer support. You have the option to claim or request a refund for the package not delivered.

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