USPS Saturday Delivery and Hours

Sending parcels and packages through the post office is still in trend. In today’s world, it’s very difficult to live without sending parcels. We all send and receive parcels of important use. We all must have sent and received at least one parcel in our life. It is a part of our life.

There are many authorities which promise to make our work easier. USPS is one such institution who with its officials works for our easy life. They have their staff who deliver the parcels at the corresponding address and also take responsibility for their actions. USPS is well known to solve the customer’s problem in the best way possible.

The USPS website also has a form through which you can ask questions or file complaints. You can also use the tracking number to solve your problem.

The USPS is a short form for the United States Postal Service. This organization has always been there to render the best services to its users. It makes regular improvements and innovations to make their clients feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can also take the help of the USPS to resolve any of your problems related to the shipments. The USPS also expedites detailed information about your parcel.

USPS is an independent agency of the US Federal Government. It provides postal services throughout the United States and even the associated states. The USPS is always prepared to help every citizen of the United States regardless of his or her location.

When you are a working person and you want to send your package, the foremost question that strikes your mind is that are deliveries made on weekends, or is USPS open on Saturday?

Does USPS Deliver on Saturdays?

USPS delivers on Saturdays. Priority mails service is one of the features of USPS that carries mail items in a less amount of time and at a reasonable price.

The items that come under the category of Priority Mail are delivered in about one to three business days. The starting price for this delivery is $6.65. This facility is provided both online and offline.

The delivery hours of USPS and delivery time depends on various factors:

  • The location of the warehouse.
  • The place of the storage of mails and packages.

USPS Saturday Hours:

USPS Saturday shipping hours depend on various factors:

  • The volume of the mail.
  • The distance between the destination and the warehouse.

However, if the number of emails to be delivered is less, they might reach you earlier than expected. Normally, the USPS Saturday delivery hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. USPS also delivers on Sundays. It delivers amazon packages and Priority Mail Packages on Sundays. The priority mail services are guaranteed to deliver mail items overnight.

So, if you want to send a package on an emergency basis then you must choose Priority Mail Express Service. You can also check all the timings from the mobile app of USPS.

The app is easily available on the App Store and Google play store which is user friendly. With the help of this mobile application, you can also alter your address and track your package easily.

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Many times the USPS portal shows the parcel to be delivered but it is delivered to the receiver a day later. In such a situation, we recommend you to wait for one more day for the parcel to arrive. Mostly, it is observed that the delayed packages are delivered the next day.

USPS Saturday Delivery:

The USPS currently delivers priority Mail express and priority items on Saturdays. There is no difference in the post office Saturday working hours and other day hours. However, the delivery may get prolonged if the carrier has a large number of mails to be delivered.

Hence, the post office remains open on Saturdays.

Some delivery timings of USPS are:

  • Priority Mail Express is delivered by 10.30 am.
  • All the mails and packages are delivered by 5 pm.
  • All the domestic express mails are delivered before midnight.
  • All the international mails are delivered by 3 pm.

Some shipping timings of USPS are:

  • Priority mail express is shipped overnight or with one or two days.
  • USPS Ground Packages are shipped in about two to eight days.
  • Media Packages are shipped in around 2 to 8 working days.
  • Priority mail packages are shipped within 1 to 3 days.
  • First-class packages are shipped within 1 to 3 days.

You can even contact the customs office to know about the status of your package.

Is there Any Mail on Saturday?

For us, Saturday is just a normal working day like any other day. Express Mails and some other packages are delivered on Saturdays. USPS has regular schedules for Saturdays. However, USPS is working and open for six days a week.

You can also pick the USPS package before its delivery. If you plan to visit the post office then you must know its timings. The office hours start from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. For the above mentioned, you need to contact the post office for holding your parcel. USPS does not deliver on public holidays. You can check the list of public holidays from the website.

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Sometimes there are some delays in the time of delivery due to certain obstacles. In that case, you must cooperate with the officials and the staff concerned with the shipment. It is a must for all to have a business account at USPS for availing of the benefits. It can help you in your business growth on a greater scale.

You can see that USPS services offer different kinds of features and help. You can choose any of its services according to your requirement. USPS will help you in the best way if you provide them with complete information about your problem.


You can easily send and receive parcels through USPS on Saturdays. In this article, we have tried to give all the basic information about the USPS Saturday deliveries and working hours.

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