USPS Restricted Delivery| How Does It Work?

USPS delivers packages to various destinations. It also takes responsibility in case of any mistake occurred by their side. USPS delivers packages for both domestic and international shipments. USPS comes up with lots of benefits. Whenever we give any item for delivery, the first step is for USPS to accept our items. Then the delivery process starts.

One of the essential services that USPS offers is the USPS Restricted Delivery. This service allows users to send their packages or documents with high security and supervision. In this article, we will talk about the restricted delivery service offered by the USPS.

What is the USPS Restricted Delivery?

Out of the many services offered by the USPS, one of the most important services is the USPS Restricted Delivery. This service is used by users who want high security while delivering the packages. These services also assure us that the mail is delivered only to the mentioned person.

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This service is for sending some sensitive documents, contracts, etc. We use this service for delivering high-valued and expensive packages. This service also costs us more as compared to other USPS services. It is necessary to send your packages through the services mentioned below to use the restricted delivery service.

  • Collect-on-Delivery
  • Certified Mail
  • Registered Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • First-class Mail
  • Package services

USPS guarantees overnight delivery in case of priority mail express service. The delivery time may vary according to the location and volume of the mail. You can also pick up packages from USPS before the expected time by providing a valid reason for the same.

Features of Priority Mail Express

  • Free pickup of the package.
  • It includes the digital signature for USPS tracking.
  • Overnight delivery of packages on holidays.
  • Delivery on Sundays with an additional fee.

How Does USPS Restricted Service Work?

To use this delivery, mark your mail as “Restricted Delivery” before giving it to the USPS agent. Before marking it, check the USPS restricted items list to know about the items that are allowed to be delivered in this service.

The items that we mark for this service are handed over only to the addressee. The recipient needs to show the ID proof for using this service.

USPS costs about $5.05 per mail piece for Restricted Delivery.

The USPS restricted delivery service does not offer the below-mentioned facilities:

  • Fast delivery
  • Fix time delivery
  • Signature receipt
  • Insurance against loss of package

In some cases, if the addressee is a minor, parents and guardians can receive the mail items. When the sender writes two names on the box or an envelope, then the mail will be delivered by one of these agents only. Also, if the addressee lives under the care of some other person, then that person can also receive the package or delivery.

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We hope that you got all information regarding the USPS restricted delivery. We have tried to give you the best possible information. USPS always comes up with great opportunities for our convenience. You can see that USPS services offer different kinds of features and help. You can choose any of its services.

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