What Does USPS In Transit to Destination Mean?

USPS is an agency of the US Government that provides postal services. USPS makes sure to deliver the packages to the correct place. It also takes complete responsibility, in case any mistake occurred on their side.

USPS provides benefits and other facilities to services that include volume shipping. USPS offers an excellent opportunity to increase the business. USPS helps us and make our life easier and more systematic.

United States Postal Service provides us with many facilities. One of these facilities is to help us track our package. This means we can locate our respective packages and keep ourselves updated. But many people don’t know the meaning of in transit.

Whenever we give any item for delivery to USPS, it at first accepts our item; then the delivery process starts. Transit is a part of the process of delivery. Whenever we see a message that package is in transit, this simply means that the package is on its way to delivery. One most frequently asked about USPS delivery is what does in transit to destination means?

In this article, we will discuss the USPS in transit to destination services.

What Does in Transit to Destination Mean?

Different stages of delivery are:


It is the first stage of the delivery. Many people don’t know the correct meaning of pre-shipment. It means that the USPS officials are reviewing the item. The staff is checking all the information that the customer has given to them. The delivery process has not started yet.


It is the second stage of delivery. We many times see the status of our item as accepted. It means that the package of the customer has been given to the USPS. Also, the USPS has received the parcel, and the delivery has started.


It is the third step towards delivery. This means that item or shipment is presently in transit to the destination. In simple words, this also means that the package will reach its destination after some days.


It is another stage of delivery. This is a warning to the customer that there is a problem in the delivery of the package. It may cause some delay in the delivery of shipment. You can call the customer service office to know the details of the alert.


This is the status that makes the customer happy. It means that the package has reached its destination. You will also see the name of the person to whom the package has been delivered.

Status not available

This message is seen when the customer enters the wrong tracking number. You must enter the correct tracking number and try to check once more.

Sometimes, we also see the status of the item as in transit to a destination with no location. In this case, you must call the customer care office to know the correct details of your package.

In-Transit to Destination USPS:

Another most asked question is what is USPS in transit to destination?

Goods in transit refer to items and packages that have left the seller’s shipping place but has not reached the destination. It means that goods are in transportation.

In transit to destination meaning, USPS is that you have to wait for the package’s delivery. Keep yourself updated by tracking your parcel. You can also contact the customs office to get more details.

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USPS sometimes also uses the status of in-transit to the next facility. This means that they don’t have a specific scan for today. But the shipment is on its route. It shows up when there is not scanning in the last 24 hours. This message is shown for the packages delivered via parcel or retail grounds.

What Does in-transit Mean?

It means that the package is on its way. Once the seller has packed and lodged the package, the status of the package changes to in-transit to destination. It means that the carrier has picked up the package. The status of the package will remain as in-transit to the destination until its delivery. In transit means that the parcel could be anywhere on its way. People who have not paid for the Priority Mail Express cannot expect any service guarantee.

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The in-transit system helps the customer to get assured of the shipments. It helps to prevent panic calls from customers. In-transit can mean that the package has cleared the first stage of shipment and is now in the process of clearing other stages. You can track all your packages through an excellent tracking system of the USPS.

There are different types of status updates available for the packages. The meaning of in-transit has been discussed above in the article. We hope that all the doubts regarding this status of the package are cleared in this article.

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