What Does USPS Delivered To Agent Mean?

A logistics firm is not only responsible for ensuring the smooth delivery of a package but also ensuring that the delivery is made in the right hands. A delivery-boy carries the package sent by the delivery company to be delivered to the respective customer. It is his/her primary responsibility to ensure that the package is delivered at the right time and in proper condition. However, there are various other situations that one might encounter while delivering the package.

USPS Delivery To Agent:

Many times, you might not be present at home to collect the parcel. In such situations, the package might be delivered to a person who can accept the package on your behalf. The family member who accepts the package is called an agent. He is the person to whom the delivery has been made and acts as an agent on your behalf. Now, when you check your delivery status, you shall find the update stating- Delivered to an agent.

What if you live in a hostel and there is nobody to collect your package? Will the USPS still say delivered to an agent?

Well, an agent can be any person who will accept the parcel. In such cases, the hostel warden or caretaker or even a security guard can act as agents. The package will be handed over to the person present to collect on your behalf. But the responsibility of handing over the package to you lies in the recipient’s hands or the agent.

Safe and Secured of Deliver to Agent:

If you are worried that the package shall get delivered to any random person who is willing to accept a parcel, then do not.

The delivery personnel at USPS are smart and responsible enough not to hand over your product to any random person. In scarce situations, you might have to take your package from an agent because the staff members believe and try to hand over the package to the respective customer.

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USPS endeavours to deliver an item within a few hours or a day at maximum. If it fails to do so, delivery is made as soon as possible. If you live in a hostel or are not at all available at a given point of time, then the person shall hand it over to another person on careful introspection.

Cons of Delivered to An Agent:

It is true that whenever any product is handed over to a second person, the risk of safe delivery increases. At times it might happen that the valet handed your package to a person who managed to convince him that he shall pass on the package to you responsibly. However, that did not happen. The package did not reach you as promised.

In such cases, the airway bill shall contain the name and signature of the recipient, but that necessarily does not guarantee anything. It does not assure that USPS shall take responsibility for the incident. It is a written form of acknowledgment of receiving the package. 

Contact USPS:

There might be multiple such situations where you may get worried about your package. Then all you need to do is simply contact USPS. You can get in touch with them via e-mail or over the phone. The experts at USPS shall help you immediately and get your package tracked and delivered to you right away.

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USPS is one of the finest delivery service companies in America. It renders top-notch services intending to offer ultimate satisfaction to the customers. The personnel at USPS have been trained and advised to ensure the safe and proper delivery of a package to the respective customers.

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