How To Confirm that Address Has Been Changed in USPS?

Change of address is a type of request that you make to the United States Postal Service. It helps to re-route your mail at the specified address. It can be both temporary and permanent. You can request any of these options online. You can also fill an offline form available at the post office.

In this article, we are going to provide you necessary information about USPS change of address confirmation.

Online procedure For Change Address:

When you request for change of address online, you are charged additional fees. You can also make this process faster by notifying everyone who sends you mail of your new address. Most of the bills and statements have a particular area for making a change of address request.

Change of Address Confirmation:

The procedure for change of address confirmation is as follows:

  • After you have made a change of address request, the USPS will promptly mail to the address at which you are living.
  • You will also receive a customer notification letter at your new address.
  • You will also receive a welcome kit at your new address.
  • It will contain the confirmation code.
  • You can make changes to the change of address order through this code.
  • Without this code, you will have to visit the post office.
  • If you have applied for a change of address online, you will also receive a customer notification letter.
  • You will also get an email that will contain the confirmation code.

USPS will now stop delivering to your previous address.

Verify the Changed Address:

These are some steps to be followed to verify the change of address at the USPS.

  • Visit the official website of the United States Postal Service.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the link -“view or edit”.
  • This link is present next to the question-“have you changed your address?”
  • Fill your unique confirmation code.
  • Click on the “Get Started” option.
  • After modifying your request, you will start receiving mails at a new address.

There is a charge of $1.05 to change your address online. You will need a credit card or a debit card and a valid email address. A letter is sent to your current address to notify you that a request has been made to change your address to a new address. You can expect to start the arrival of packages within 7-10 postal business days from the date of change of address.

How to Change your Address at the Post Office?

  • Visit your nearest local post office.
  • Request a free mover’s guide packet.
  • Fill the PS Form 3575 present inside the packet.

USPS has always been providing delivery services for our convenience. It has a systematic procedure for all types of management. We can always ask for help from the post office officials. USPS has excellent customer care services that are always ready to solve our problems.

We hope that we have provided you with the necessary information about the change of address confirmation at USPS that you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Long Does It Take For A New Address To Be Recognized?

It would take about 2 weeks as long as your credit data is involved.

Q.2. Why Doesn’t USPS Recognize My Address?

If your address contains any incorrect data, it will not match the corresponding address present in the database and hence it will be validated. If a new address or unregistered address which has ever serviced by the post office then it will not be validated as well.

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