How to Stop Edit Mail Forwarding Request

Perhaps your plan of moving out to a new region was canceled due to some unavoidable situations, or you have decided to move there later in the future. Your work can lead you to move out of your home to somewhere else, and that might become a problem if you are about to receive an important mail to your address.

But don’t worry, the USPS (United States Postal Service) has got your back as it now gives you two different options, a permanent or a temporary change of your address in case you are not currently residing at your place.

The United States Postal Service or USPS has been one of the most preferred delivery service providers for people all around the world. From packaging your items and to delivering your shipments and important mails, USPS has truly changed the way a logistics company function. It has always worked to give the people the best of their services, keeping in mind all the possible problems that could arise. And so, providing a solution to this problem as well, USPS has come up with the system of forwarding your mails from one address to another if required.

Read the article till the end to get a detailed idea and the step-by-step guide regarding ‘How to stop the mail forwarding request’.

Edit USPS Mail Forwarding Request:


The first step is to change the address to the new one. For that, you can visit the USPS mover’s guide website, and mention the required changes there.


Once the window opens; the following page will consist of two columns, which will require the Confirmation Code and the new ZIP code. There, you need to enter the confirmation code and new zip code (new address) and click on ‘submit’. Shortly, you will be directed to a new window.

The confirmation code will be received along with a confirmation email at your new address. And you will have the option to choose the date from which you want to start receiving the emails.

But, what if your confirmation number gets lost or you are unable to relocate it?

Well, don’t worry. You can also opt for it offline, and for which you will be required to go and visit the US Post Office directly and get the required alteration done there.

You will have to verify your identity, and then you proceed to fill up a form, and after this, you can go along with the process with your new code.


Once you are directed to the page, a list of options will appear right in front of you, from which you can choose anyone. The list will give you access to:-

  • Change the start or end date of forwarding.
  • Update your phone number/ email address for receiving notifications.
  • Switch your addresses from permanent to temporary and vice-versa.
  • Cancel your mail forwarding altogether.

Some of the options on this page, such as your name and address are non-editable. And if you need to change anything, you will have to cancel your change of address and apply for a new one. And remember that this will cost you some amount of money.


The most important thing to take care of is your confirmation code. Everything in the process depends upon that particular code, and if it gets lost, it can cost you a lot of extra time and energy. However, everything goes right; you can just follow these simple steps to get your work done both online or offline.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Do I Change My Mail Forwarding Date?

Just as you wish to change of address form you will have an option to edit the date also where you can put that date you want your package to be forwarded.

Q.2. Can You Cancel USPS Mail Forwarding?

You will need to log in to the account and the confirmation number printed on the top of the mailing form and the zip code where you have forwarded the mail. Then you
can easily cancel your Mail Forwarding.

Q.3. How Long Does It Take To Stop Mail Forwarding?

After finishing the process of cancellation, it may take 72 hours to stop your mail forwarding.

Q.4. How Do I Stop Mail Forwarding Without Confirmation Code?

If you have lost the confirmation code then you will have to visit the post office in order to cancel or stop the mail forwarding request.

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