What is USPS Return To Sender

The primary service of USPS is to provide mail delivery. However, returning a package to the sender is essential sometimes. USPS is one of the best mail delivery services with effective return options.

You may want to return a package delivered to you back to the sender for several reasons. It may be addressed to you by mistake, or it could be a package that is not yours. Sometimes junk and unwanted emails or packages can also be delivered. Returning the package to the sender is the only option left for you. The package or mail might contain important information. So, it’s best to return the package soon.

Firstly, check if the delivery is an item or a mail. This will quicken the process of sending the package back to the sender.

How to Return a Package to Sender:

USPS has a separate process if you wish to send back a package. You can follow a few simple steps to complete this process.

Collect the packages:

Mail delivered to the wrong address may not be just one single package. So, gather all the packages delivered.

Do not open the package:

If you find that the mail is not addressed to you, then do not open the pack. It will cause difficulty in sending the package back.

Mention that the package is to be returned: 

  • Now, on the package or the envelope, write down “Return to sender.” It is applicable if the package has the wrong address.
  • In case it belongs to the person who lived there previously, then you can mention it as “No longer at this address/lives here” and add “Return to sender.” Make sure that you are absolutely sure about the person who lived before; only then mention the message. Adding messages like “address moved” is completely optional.
  • If the mail is junk mail, you can just write “return to sender.” You can also mention messages like “wrong address” if you like.
  • Make sure that you do not hide the sender’s address while writing this information. Also, your message should be bold and clear.

Start this process soon :

The return to the sender process is free only when it is completed within a certain time. Otherwise, you have to buy a new envelope and send the package back just like sending a new mail. This will cost you; so, start this process soon and send it back.

Remove or score out your address :

Remember to score out your address on the package. This will prevent USPS from sending mails from sender to your address in the future.

Mail the package:

Once you complete these steps, you can drop the package at the nearby post office. This will be processed to send it back to the sender’s address.

These steps will help you return the package to the sender.

Frequently Receiving Packages From the Wrong Address:

Receiving mails and packages in the name of the previous resident is an issue. You can return the package once, and if they are getting delivered to you frequently, then try these steps.

You can write to the post office stating the issue. You can also tell your shipper from USPS. Otherwise, simply write a note stating, “leave mails only for (name).” This will clear the confusion while delivering to your residence.

If you are aware where the previous resident is shifted to, you can fill an online form. In this form, you can fill out both your address and the old resident’s address clearly. You can do this by visiting a nearby post office too.

Another way is directly sending a note to the sender. In this note, you can tell that the address is wrong and that they must stop sending mails frequently. You must also write to the USPS return to sender service.

Cost to Return a Package:

The USPS return to sender service is free of cost for a certain time. This depends upon the day you received the package. Otherwise, the cost of returning the package or mail to the sender is applicable. It is also applicable if you opened the package.

This is how the USPS’s return to sender services functions. These tips will come in handy if you want to return a package.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Q.1. How Should I Return Mail To Sender?

No need to worry about it. You can now return the package to the sender just by getting everything out of the mailbox and write “Not At This Address” on the envelope and put it
back to the mailbox.

Q.2. Who Pays For The Return To Sender Packages?

The sender would pay for all the processes but in the case of Priority Mail or First-Class Mail if the item return get refused then the sender won’t pay for it. It goes under First-
Class mail service.

Q.3. How Can I Stop Return To Sender?

There are both online and offline ways to stop your return to sender. Either you can go to the destination office to hold the package for you or you can request online to hold it.

Q.4. What Does Return To Sender Refused Mean?

Return to Sender refused means that the package is refused by the addressee.

Q.5. Can You Track A Package That Has Been Returned To Sender?

You can’t track the package once the item is delivered.

Q.6. How Long Does USPS To Return To Sender?

It takes USPS 15 days to return to sender.

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