How to Refuse USPS Shipment, Package & Mail

If you are a resident of the United States, you would surely know about The United States Postal Service (USPS) which has been delivering your packages and mails right at your doorstep.

The company has been serving the US people for years now, thus, establishing itself as one of the leading logistics service providers in the country. Now they ship your packages or deliver your mail not only in the state of the US but all over the world.

However, it may have happened that a wrong package or mail was delivered to you and you don’t know what to do?

Well, don’t worry. If you get a wrong shipment or someone else does, you can simply refuse that particular delivery, and here’s how you can deny the USPS delivery.

Refusing Your USPS Delivery:

Mistakes can happen, and surely, the USPS carrier may get your package confused with some else’s and deliver it to the wrong address. Each of the USPS customers gets a particular tracking ID of their shipment which they can check to ensure the date and location their shipment is at and whether it is shipped to the right place or not. If any change is noticed, the individual can simply return/refuse the package and redirect it back to the sender.

To cancel your USPS delivery, you only have two options:

  • Refuse at the Time of Delivery

When the concerned deliveryman or the postmaster appears at your doorstep, you can verify the particular shipment, package or mail. Do this by checking in your full name and address and the sender’s details (if you know that person or not). You can simply refuse to take it, if it doesn’t belong to you.

  • Refuse After the Delivery

Answering the most common question “Can you refuse your shipment after it’s delivered to the address? Yes, you can. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

You can refuse the wrongly delivered shipment or mail only within a specified period by writing ‘Refused’ over the mail or package and return it to the sender with a new envelope mentioning the new address and attaching new postage to it.

Note: The concerned shipment or mail must not be opened and be kept as it is. You can verify your name to check if it belongs to you or not, but the postal service will not accept your return if the shipment is unsealed.

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The Exceptions :

While USPS gives you the option to refuse/return any shipment, mail or package, it also limits some of the things which you cannot simply redirect back to the sender. And some of these may even require new postage when they are to be returned.

These items and mail include –

  • Registered mails, certified mails, insured mails. Signature-directed mails, collect-on-delivery (COD) packages, and return receipt merchandise.
  • Other things include mails sent to the recipient as a reply to their trade and marketing, announcement, appeal, or any advertisements which they didn’t deny when offered previously.


Thus, you may have by now understood that refusing or simply returning any USPS delivery is very easy. If you follow certain things such as not to open the mail or the package wrongly delivered to you, and to attach new postage and mention the correct address, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

If you are the one delivering the package to someone, make sure to keep track of your shipment with the concerned tracking ID. And if you receive any delivery, always make sure to check the details such as the full name and the address mentioned on the package or mail. And if you notice a slight change, even in your surname, make sure to inform the carrier man right then.

Among all other companies that have been delivering your items to your loved ones, USPS has earned its position in the top list and has always been there to serve the people and deliver their packages with utmost care and safety. And thus, if you feel like your package is in someone else’s addresses, remember the things mentioned above and get it delivered to the right person in time.

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