How Long Does USPS Keep Undelivered Package

USPS: What is it?

The United States Postal Service is one of the independent agencies that provide its customers with the required mailing and shipping services. It is one of the fastest and safest mailing facilities used around the United States. People in the United States deliver and receive packages/letters through this facility.

USPS comes under the United States’ Federal Government. It is one of the most affordable postal services in the United States. One can easily track his/her package and account. Hence, it easily allows its customers to locate the package and know its status. The package is delivered within recorded time, location, and given date of delivery.

USPS Facility is Safe to Use:

The postal service primarily focuses on the safety of its customer packages.

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In the absence of receipt’s non- willingness to accept delivery or if there any error in the receiver’s address, the package may be not delivered. In that case, USPS keeps it safe with them in their office. USPS assures and provides satisfaction to the customers.

They want their customers to ensure that address and phone numbers given on the package are correct. They insist on giving the residential address instead of any official address.

What will Happen if the Package is Not Delivered?

  1. It may happen at times that the package is not delivered in time due to wrong or incomplete address or may be due to many packages at the same time.
  2. The delivery boy may also come back after leaving a notice of the unavailability of the receiver.
  3. Necessary information will be updated on their tracking status so that the receiver and sender can know the real-time status.
  4. One can also send missing mail search requests at if the package gets lost or not received.
  5. All the undelivered packages are kept safe in the office. A customer can get it from the office also, or a delivery boy will deliver it the next day in case of non-availability of the receiver at home the previous day.

Undelivered Packages in USPS:

USPS strives to deliver the package in one or two attempts. But in case if the delivery boy fails to deliver it to the sender due to one or the other reason, the USPS office holds the package with them for 15 days. The status gets updated on the package tracking details so that receiver either takes it from the office or gives his actual address for the successful delivery.

But in case no one claims for the package within 15 days, it is finally returned to the sender. The sender can also send mail to USPS to get its package back sooner. In that case, it will be sent timely. USPS at times can hold the general delivery package for up to 30 days or more if requested by the sender.

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In the end, if no one claims the package, it is sent back to the sender with the title ‘UNCLAIMED’.


So, we come up with the conclusion that the packages and mails being sent through USPS service are quite safe and secured.

If USPS is not able to deliver the mail, they will use the return address and try to return it to the sender and that too after putting it on hold for 15 days. USPS waits for the receiver also to pick their package from the office in case if they wish too.

Overall the USPS services are one of the best ways to send the packages. The non-delivery of the package only happens if the sender provides a wrong address or no one is available on the given address.

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