Can I Pickup Package From USPS Before Delivery?

USPS stands for United States Postal Service. United States Postal Service was the first initiative in the public sector of the concerned department. It has its own staff who deliver the package at the respective addresses. With the tracking software and facilities of the USPS, you can get all this information about your parcel.

This article will give you information about a very common question asked by people-“can I pick-up my USPS package before delivery”. It is a very genuine question, and we must know what to do if we want to collect our package before delivery.

The answer to this question is “YES”. You can pick-up your package before its delivery. For this, there are various options provided by the USPS.

Every post office in the United States receives mails between 4.00 am and 6.00 pm. This package is then handed over to the courier service around 8.00 am. After this, the packages are delivered to the respective owners. If the package has not been delivered yet, then you can call the post office and ask them to not deliver the package. However, if the package has already been delivered, then you need to follow another procedure.

USPS Package Hold Service:

The United States Postal Service provides us with the feature to hold the package. When the holding of the package is confirmed by the USPS officials, they send you an email regarding the confirmation. After this, you will have to collect the package personally. The officials will not deliver this package to the address provided.

This service is available with:

  • Priority mail express service that has a retail post office location.
  • You can hold the parcel only for some time.

This service is non-available with:

  • First Class Mail letters.
  • Mails addressed to APO/FPO/DPO destinations.

USPS Package Interception Service:

You can also use the package interception service to stop the delivery of the package. You can also contact the customer care officials for any help. To use this service provided by the USPS, you have to call and ask whether the package is available for interception or not. You need to login to your USPS account.

How to Get the USPS Account?

There are some rules which are to be followed to get the USPS account. You can create a new account as a business account. If you already have an account which is a person or household account then also you will have to create a new account as a business account.

You can get a new account by visiting There you can follow the process to get a new account. The method of creating a new account on the official website is of about 10-12 minutes. Then you need to enter the details. This procedure will create your new account.

Once your request is approved, you can collect your package before delivery.

How does it work?

Below some steps are written to be followed to have access to the package interception service.

  • At first, verify that your shipment is eligible or not for package intercept.
  • If your shipment is eligible for package intercept, submit your request online by logging in to your USPS account.
  • After submitting your request, you will be provided with estimated total fees.
  • If your shipment is intercepted, you will be charged extra interception fees.

USPS Interception Service comes with terms and conditions. Some of them are:


  • Domestic mail services that have extra services barcode.
  • Packages with total length and girth length not greater than 108 inches.

Not Eligible:

  • Marketing mail products and periodicals.
  • Items related to the commercial Mailing Receiving agency.
  • Items redirected to PO Box.


  • Customers will not be charged if the package is not eligible for Intercept.
  • It is available for all domestic parcel services.
  • Only items with a bar code or extra services tag are approved for intercept.


There are lots of factors that you have to take care of to get delivery of your package from USPS before its actual delivery. We have tried to give every detail of the services required. We hope this article was a great help and gave you useful information about the delivery processes of the USPS.


Can I Pickup Package From USPS Without Notice?

ANS:  You can Pickup package from USPS before delivery easily but the rule and regulation are different for different USPS offices and for different areas. So you can not pick up USPS package with prior notice to the USPS office from where you want to pick up package. So first you have to give prior notice and then you can easily pick up a package before delivery.

How Do I Pickup Missed USPS Package?

ANS:  If You have missed the package delivery then you don’t need to get worried because you can easily pick up your USPS package from the USPS office even after missed your delivery. You just need to visit your local USPS office pickup location mention on your PS Form 3849 of Delivery notice and can collect your missed package.

Can I pick up A Package From USPS On Sunday?

ANS: USPS office work on Sunday only for pickup service So your answer is yes. Yes, you can pick up your USPS package from the post office on Sunday. USPS office working hours on Sunday are only for this service.

Can you pick up Your Package From USPS On Saturday?

ANS: Your answer is yes. Yes, you can easily pick up your package from the post office on Saturday like other days.

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